When Biden Wins The Election

October 24, 2020


  1. The Populous Reaction
  2. The World’s Reaction
  3. The Political Moves
  4. What You Need to Prepare For

We have never had a more contentious election. We have rarely seen such deep rooted animosities and hostilities in America. Our nation is divided by ideology and perspective so greatly that it almost seems to be living in two separate realities. These realities are built up by an incessant stream of video, news, commentary, and sometimes false information, which bolster the polar opposite realities and further stoke the fires of division and hate. Will this raging fire of division tear the country apart? That remains to be seen.

What we do know is that at some point after election day, whether the people, the Electoral College, the House of Representatives, or the Supreme Court decides it, Trump or Biden will be our president. In this video, we will examine what may happen when Biden is our president. What will be the populous reaction, the political moves, and what can you do to stay safe?

The Populous Reaction

You probably clicked on this video because you strongly agreed or strongly disagreed with the title. Assuming you consider yourself a relatively calm and level-headed person, take that deep-rooted feeling in you, multiply it by a hundred or more, and spread it out over the entire United States, and that’s the reaction you will get from the populous after this election concludes. Look at how contentious and vitriolic the comments section is probably right now. You will find someone in there you would label as crazy, regardless of which candidate wins the election. To say there is an abundance of energy about this election outcome would be an understatement, so how will the populous react to a Biden win?

Already the seeds of election fraud have been planted. From stories about discarded ballots, to ballots set on fire, to mail fraud, to foreign intervention and hacking, to misinformation, and ballot harvesting, there are plenty of seeds planted that a Biden win will be contested, likely on a state-by-state level.

Will conflict spread onto the streets in cities near you if Biden’s popular vote win is contested? I can’t say with certainty, but the American population seems to think so. Sales and online purchase of tactical apparel have experienced a twentyfold increase in sales this year. According to the founder of Mira Safety, Roman Zrazhevskiy, whose products are available at the cityprepping.com website, “It doesn’t matter who gets elected…they (his customers) think that no matter who wins, Biden or Trump, there are going to be people who are upset about the result.”

“A shift became apparent with this spring’s Black Lives Matter protests and bitterly resented pandemic lockdowns. Now the gear is everywhere, from camouflage-clad antifa supporters to right-wing extremists who appeared at Michigan’s capitol even after men were arrested in a plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.”

And Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are heavily armed. Guns and ammo sales across the country have also surged. The US population accounts for forty-six percent of the global total of all small firearms. This amounts to one-hundred-twenty firearms for every one hundred residents. So what happens when an angry and heavily armed mob of people take to the streets and are met with an equally and/or more heavily armed opposition? Biden, who is running his campaign under the premise of unification and not a Red state versus Blue state, Democrat versus Republican angle will need to simultaneously keep the calm and show progress on the social justice issues that put him in office. If he manages to keep the streets calm, he will need to also address any cooked up plans by errant right-wing extremists who might kidnap officials, create chaos, or stoke divisions further. When Biden wins, America will still be far from calm.

It is possible that even with, the election could be contested at a state-by-state level, from one courtroom to another.  Any one of those cases could be the catalyst in that state for the spreading of armed conflicts.

The World’s Reaction

Much of the world is sitting on the sidelines right now observing this election.  They are assessing whether Trump’s win in 2016 was a blip or is in fact a new American ideological and new American international perspective.  When Biden wins, post World War II allies will cautiously but optimistically realign themselves with the United States, dismissing Trump as a one-off.

America will rejoin the Paris Agreements Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Biden will rejoin or re-establish the country with the World Health Organization in an attempt to get ahead of the Coronavirus.  Shutdowns in some areas and mandated mask-wearing is a very real possibility, but continued closures of borders and limits to international travel will likely continue.

America’s adversaries aren’t suddenly going to stop their planned and real physical and virtual attacks on us.  Though we have enemies growing from within, our enemies who are foreign adversaries continue to threaten our American way of life.

Will Israel, a country that has been emboldened by the hard stance of the Trump administration, be emboldened enough to take on the nuclear threat that is Iran?  Could that draw us into yet another conflict in the Middle East?  Will China, frustrated by the continued trade war and in retaliation for a cultural loss of face for allowing the COVID-19 virus to escape their borders, launch a cryptocurrency pegged to the Yuan to destabilize the US dollar, seize more land and airspace in the South China Sea, tear up trade agreements or forge new ones to the exclusion of the United States?  How would a Biden administration meet this challenge?  There are countless more scenarios with many other countries that could threaten our economic stability and draw America into a foreign conflict.

Even if whole nations don’t react in any significant way, even if they all applaud in unison and are congratulatory to a Biden administration, we have to remain vigilant to the fact that terrorist groups and clandestine operations by foreign governments remain a threat to our security.  Either could seek to amplify our divisiveness and further our divide by bringing down infrastructure systems or creating violent conflicts and receding in the shadows while the finger-pointing continues.  The effects of just one explosion by an unknown adversary on election day could put the entire election in question.  That chaos may not be a result of any American citizen’s action, but the reaction could further our divide.  In short, our enemies aren’t cowering in fear right now, they’re emboldened and encouraged by our division because of the opportunities it creates to destroy our way of life. 

Throughout it all, however, the threat we face from our foreign adversaries will continue.  As with any new president, foreign actors will put new leadership to the test.  That could take the form of foreign provocateurs attacking our soil and letting Americans point the finger of blame at each other.  That could take the form of hacks into our critical infrastructure and continued misinformation campaigns spread through social media.

The world’s reaction when Biden wins will not necessarily be a sigh of relief and a return to old ways of doing things.  The world has changed from the current administration to the last.  Old ties will remain broken or require new deals and new policies and safeguards.  Old adversaries will continue to seek to do us harm. 

The Political Moves

Every administration brings with it sweeping policy changes, and a Biden administration will not be different in this regard.  Many of the policies of the previous administration will be undone.  DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals individuals will be restored to at least another two year period of deferred action from deportation if not given a clear path to citizenship.

The Supreme Court may be raised from nine judges to thirteen.  Gerrymandering may be eliminated and district lines redrawn.  The entire Electoral College may be modified or changed.  The voting system may be altered significantly.

Big oil may suffer a setback as cleaner, renewable energies are favored.  Biden will have to appease the social justice warriors and green new deal groups that carried him to a victory, and if they don’t feel he is moving with the proper alacrity, they are likely to pour out onto the streets to express their dissatisfaction.  This always creates openings for opportunistic people who hold no real political motivation but self-interest and greed to seek to create riots and the opportunities to set fire to cities or loot.  The economy, partly feeling the effects of an extended pandemic, will stagger along and drag quite a bit at first.  Individual bailouts will be favored over corporate bailouts, but will these bailouts be enough to stave off the effects of millions who were living paycheck to paycheck before the pandemic and who have been unemployed for months with rents and payments overdue?  What happens when these increasingly frustrated citizens take their frustrations to the street?

Will these new policies and political moves be successful over the long arc of a presidential term?  We don’t know.  What we do know is that America is deeply divided along polar opposite ideologies, very much to the point of differing realities altogether.  Large pockets of our society will not willingly follow along with Biden’s policy changes and Executive Actions.  Will the FBI be thwarting anymore kidnapping plans of government officials or planned extremist lone wolf attacks?  It’s highly likely.  Not only is this threat very real, but disruptions to fuel and food services, emergency and police services, and normal day-to-day operations would be a highly likely result of any resulting chaos.  This underscores the need to prep.   Even with Biden as the president, there is no guarantee of a clean and peaceful transition of power from the presidential level down to the citizenry.

What You Need to Prepare For

So what can you do?  What should you do?  What should you prepare for?  First, you need to adopt a calm and rational observational stance of what is going on around you.  Realize that any conflict may actually have been started by a foreign adversary.  Don’t rush to blame until you can clearly see all the facts.  Second, prepare for the need to lockdown during any periods of heightened civil unrest.  Prepare yourself by watching some of the other informative videos on this channel or at cityprepping.com.  We have recently done videos on protecting your neighborhood from rioters, protecting your home from intruders, and even items to grab at Walmart right now before it is too late.  If any pockets of chaos spring up, it may take a long period of time before the government can reestablish control.  Attacks on our power grid and other critical infrastructures cannot entirely be ruled out, as our nation’s enemies will seek to amplify divisions in our country.

Your preparations for successfully living off-grid for a period of time will be of great benefit to you.  Make any remaining purchases of items you need to complete your inventory and supplies prior to election day.  Here we are not suggesting you mortgage the farm or run up your credit cards.  Just bolster your supplies and durable goods as much as you can, within reason, and with a keen focus on the essentials of food, water, durable goods, and personal protection.  Prepare now. 


The fact is that our nation continues to march further along opposite sides of the same canyon.  We move further apart and we create more distance between us and a deeper canyon below us.  A Biden administration will need to quickly fill in that canyon and bridge that chasm.  It will need to unify divergent visions for this country.  What we do know is that at some point after election day, whether the people, the Electoral College, the House of Representatives, or the Supreme Court decides it, Trump or Biden will be our president.  Given this nation’s deepening divisions and ideological perspectives in polar opposition to each other, we have to rationally accept the possibility that any presidential win will not be met with widespread acceptance and good-heartedness.  It’s the resulting conflicts that can arise from within or from other adversaries who would seek to do us harm that we should prepare for.  With this event, this election, prepare like you know the natural disaster is coming, like you can see it approaching on the doppler radar.  If nothing at all happens and everything remains calm everywhere, you will be prepared for other disasters that may come.  So preparation now will still benefit you later.

We would love to hear your post-election predictions.  We know most of us hope we will see nothing out of the usual, but we would love to see your comments below.  

As always, stay safe out there.

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