What is The Great Reset?

December 13, 2020


  1. The Great Reset
  2. The Five-Point Plan
  3. What Does a Post-Reset World Look Like
  4. Prepping & Individualism

In recent years, many conspiracy theories have gained traction in ways never imaginable that are beginning to play out on the world stage.  We have always sought to bring order to the chaos of the world by assigning everything that seems to be going wrong to powers moving in the shadows.  What if something like the Global Reset, however, was hiding in plain sight?  What if a global elite beyond the constraints of social, national, and fiscal barriers has at last emerged?  It’s not a thing for conspiracy theorists alone anymore.  Many individuals have become more powerful and influential than some sovereign governments, and that just wasn’t possible at other points in our historical record.  So what is the Great Reset, is it something you should be concerned about, and if so, what can you do about it?

1- The Great Reset

The Great ResetWe don’t usually give any significant air time to theories that lie on the fringe, which some may call conspiracy theories, choosing instead to focus on the art of prepping; however, the Great Reset concept has recently made a comeback, and so many in our community are concerned about its validity.  When beliefs like this crop up, we do think it’s worth discussing in relation to how prepping provides you with self-sufficiency and individualism–two of the greatest weapons in your arsenal to fight even the most powerful of global cabals.  So, let’s start by answering the question: what is the Great Reset?

The Great Reset has conceptually been around for some time.  It has recently been given more credibility when proposed and published through the World Economic Forum–WEF.  According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to shape an economic recovery and future global relations, economies, and priorities.  It was unveiled in May 2020 by the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles and WEF director Klaus Schwab.  It seeks to improve capitalism by making investments geared toward mutual progress and focusing more on environmental initiatives. It has been criticized for using the pandemic to implement a risky experiment.  It is feared that this Great Reset will bring about socio-economic and ecological changes and usher in a New World Order.

The theory alleges that “global financial elites” and world leaders planned the pandemic and deliberately let loose the coronavirus to cause the conditions that will allow a restructuring of the world’s governments. It alleges that the main goals of the Great Reset are to take global political and economic control by instating a dependent society and, by extension, the New World Order.  It is claimed that such a regime would abolish personal ownership and property rights, send the military into cities, impose mandatory vaccinations, and create isolation camps for people who resist.  Evidence of a conspiracy includes a 2016 WEF piece describing what life might be like in 2030, Joe Biden’s campaign slogan “Build Back Better,” and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s September 2020 speech where he references the WEF’s “Reset.”

A few years ago, you might have been laughed at for proposing such a premise, but today it seems more probable than improbable.  Some ultra-rich have grown far beyond the constraints of national borders.  The first form of government was religion.  The next was kingships, then democracies. We are potentially returning to being governed by a loosely connected group of ultra-rich who share a similar vision of how resources should be allocated and used but needn’t recognize national borders and nation-state sovereignty and allegiances.

For the Great Reset plan to work, population, emissions, and resource usage need to be dramatically decreased.  The pandemic has created an atmosphere of desperation and dependence, so the conditions are there.  Are we willingly accepting of this global restructuring?  Perhaps through our actions or our inactions, we are willing participants.  After all, we often passively trade our individualism and self-sufficiency for dependence on systems that continually prove to fail us.  As much as what we see when we look at the world can be summarized as part of this larger controlling global elite, we tend not to believe that any group of individuals is wise enough or in orchestrated agreement with each other to hold and sway such a high level of control over the planet.

However, we have to accept that individuals have become stronger and more influential than some nations, and they hold unparalleled power.  If they collectively work towards any individual goal or exert similar influence, they very well can direct the outcomes on a global scale.  As Thomas Friedman pointed out over 20 years ago in his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree, the “balance that you have to pay attention to in the globalization system—the one that is the newest of all—is the balance between individuals and nation-states. Because globalization has brought down many of the walls that limited the movement and reach of people. Because it has simultaneously wired the world into networks, it gives more power to individuals to influence both markets and nation-states than at any time in history. So you have today not only a superpower, not only super-markets but … super-empowered individuals.”  And, in the last 20 years, the conditions to support a small group of global elite beyond the control of national borders has only grown, so we have to take the Global Reset plan with some level of seriousness.

2- The Five Point Plan

The Five Point PlanPrince Charles outlined five points of the Global Reset plan:

  1. To capture the imagination and will of humanity – change will only happen if people want it.  To this end, the pandemic has cultivated a sense of desperation in people.  Desperate people are more willing to accept any solution offered.
  2. The economic recovery must put the world on the path to sustainable employment, livelihoods, and growth. Longstanding incentive structures that have had perverse effects on our planetary environment and nature herself must be reinvented.  Here it is suggested that individual profit should be replaced with communal wealth.  Add to this the recent rise in cryptocurrency, and the fiat currencies of nation-states could quickly be rendered worthless as businesses move to instant cashless transactions.
  3. Systems and pathways must be redesigned to advance net zero transitions globally. Carbon pricing can provide a critical path to a sustainable market.  Lowering global emissions cannot happen in any meaningful way without reducing consumption and possibly even population.  
  4. Science, technology, and innovation need re-invigorating. Humanity is on the verge of catalytic breakthroughs that will alter our view of what is possible and profitable in the framework of a sustainable future.  Here science is suggested as the more prominent path over both religions and government.
  5. Investment must be rebalanced. Accelerating green investments can offer job opportunities in green energy, the circular and bio-economy, eco-tourism, and green public infrastructure.  Some indicate this point is already being implemented through the Green New Deal.  Big oil has lost its position globally, and countries are competing to outdo each other with green initiatives.

Those are the five essential points.  I would encourage everyone to go to the World Economic Forums website and peruse the positions and decide whether you think their plans are nefarious or not. 

Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Arnault, Musk, Buffet, Page, Ellison, Ambani, Brin, or anyone of the unimaginably wealthy people in the world today…how many would you need to bring on board with a plan to make it a reality.  It was the Gilded Age Industrialist John Pierpont Morgan, after all, who saved the United States from bankruptcy following the Panic of 1907.  Imagine many such super-wealthy working together for a common purpose and free of the constraints of nation-states.  Let’s say it’s all true.  Let’s say there is a global strategy, a detailed plan for the subjugation of the masses, and a powerful New World Order of the global elite.  Is there anything an individual can do to stop the reshaping of society?  If you were to ask the journalist who published and exposed the Panama Papers– documents that revealed the illegal activities and money laundering of the ultra-rich, she would tell you the global elite can’t be stopped.  She was killed by a car bomb in 2017, so there’s that.

3- What Does a Post Reset World Look Like?

What Does a Post Reset World Look LikeLet’s run through what those that see a nefarious plan being implemented believe.  What is the core belief? The culmination of the Great Agenda is communitarianism.  Communitarianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the community.  Communitarianism usually opposes extreme individualism and disagrees with extreme laissez-faire policies that neglect the overall community’s stability.  The goal is to transfer power from local individuals to a global governance system.  The entire plan is to be fully implemented by 2050.  The United States would be broken into 11 mega regions.  Other countries would ultimately lose their autonomy as national borders crumble.  Social networks will be dissolved wherever possible.  The world will be a cashless society where earnings are based on contribution and behavior in the community.  All citizens are tracked, and all activities are recorded.  Money flows to poorer nations to attempt to create equality amongst people.  Green energy is generated for the communal good and dispersed according to perceived merit.

Depending upon your perspective, that sounds like either a utopian or a dystopian world of a science fiction novel?  In many ways, it is quite imaginative, yet the fundamental aspects are in place.  

3.5 billion people, a little under half of the total population estimates of the Earth, carry a smartphone.  That smartphone tracks and records their every movement.  Microchipping people isn’t necessary when people so willingly allow themselves to be tracked.  Cashless transactions are exponentially surpassing cash transactions.  Along with each of those transactions are bits of informational data about you and the products and services you purchase.  Algorithms interpret what you watch and seek out on the internet and feed you information based upon those compulsions.  Like an addicted gambler in a casino, our base minds are fed a steady stream of lights and bells that stimulate our base emotions but bypass our higher minds.  So, some would say we are already well on our way to this dystopian or utopian society.  But are the people who look at the world and see a Great Reset just ascribing and overlaying a structure of their own design to define what they are witnessing?  The psychological term for this is “pareidolia” — the same phenomenon that makes some people see the face of Jesus in burnt toast, a face on Mars, and bunnies in clouds.  Is it real, or do we make it so?

4- Prepping & Individualism

Prepping & IndividualismYou could disconnect from it all and choose to live a simpler life.  You could let the world go by you and stay to your piece of it.  I think that might be extreme, though.  If it is all true, your best defense is not to be tied to a system that forces change by failing wholescale.  When food supplies are disrupted, and the larger population is forced into a specific behavior. As a result, you can remain relatively unscathed by this if you are prepared.  Preppers are training, stockpiling, and gearing up for a collapse or a catastrophe large enough to dramatically alter people’s ways of life. Any global cabal depends on the large scale disruption of the population to enact their changes.

Prepping is about creating stability for yourself and those around you.  If the food supply lines are disrupted, the prepper steps in a different direction, adjusts their stores, and compensates for the change.  The world often dismisses preppers as hysterical overreacting people, but when instability comes, and it always will eventually, it is the prepper that knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

Prepping is about individualism, autonomy, self-sufficiency, and reduced dependency on fragile systems.  If those systems are being used to gain and maintain control over the masses, the best thing you could be doing right now is tending to your preps.  Tending to your health and wellness in preparation for disasters that may befall you positions you to survive on your own when others are forced to be dependent on whatever help or handout they can get.

Prepping is not a denial that forces will act upon us. It is an acceptance that we can adjust our way of living and survive despite these changes.  It is an acceptance that if we change our lives, we have done our part to change the world we live in as well.  Individualism is defined as the “habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.”  The moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, and social outlook emphasize the individual’s moral worth.  It is the absolute bane of globalism, and it comes from learning how to prep and being ready for whatever life throws your way.

From self-defense to food and water stores, to energy dependence, to fiscal independence and zero indebtedness, the prepper cannot be easily led in any direction they don’t want to go because there is no need to adopt a path that runs contrary to their individualism.  If forces unseen are pitting left against right, mob against mob, the prepper doesn’t have to be a willful participant in that chaos.


So, is there a Great Reset already underway?  Is there an orchestrated effort by the global elite to subjugate us all and dissolve sovereign nations worldwide for communitarianism where our individualism and work are traded out for the global community?  Maybe it is underway, or perhaps we are just trying to ascribe meaning to what we see happening around us. Perhaps the concept comes less from an orchestrated plan and more from our desire to have something simple, we can understand to make sense of it all.  Regardless of what you believe, prepping provides you a means to remain a steadfast individualist.  It ensures you are neither easily swayed nor a willing participant of a system that would cannibalize you to sustain itself.

Are we being manipulated and shepherded, or is it all just theories?  Does prepping even the score and keep us out of the global plans?  

As always, please stay safe out there.

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