H5N1-2023 – The Big One Is Coming (And Why We Won’t Be Ready)
June 24, 2023
Over the last several years, we’ve gone through a lot when it comes to dealing...
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Marti’s Corner – 115
June 17, 2023
Hi Everyone, How many of you belong to an organization that would be willing to...
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10 Simple Ways to Prepare A Home Against A Fire
June 11, 2023
Nearly 3,000 people die from house fires each year in the US, the majority of...
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Utility Breakdown
June 08, 2023
After a sudden disaster, it's not uncommon to have a prolonged interruption of utility services....
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Marti’s Corner – 114
June 05, 2023
Hi Everyone, I belong to a FaceBook group called "Self Reliance in Davis County".  The...
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Marti’s Corner – 113
May 31, 2023
Hi Everyone, I had a SHOCK at the grocery store last week.  The price of...
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Marti’s Corner – 112
May 31, 2023
Hi Everyone, I pulled up some carrots that I planted in November to see how...
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10 Ways To Prepare For A Summer Heat Wave
May 27, 2023
Various weather agencies have been warning that this summer's temperatures may very well break previous...
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6 Signs WWIII Is Imminent
May 23, 2023
Our video earlier this month delved into what they aren't telling you about World War...
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4 Critical Prepper’s Recipes & Cooking Skills
May 19, 2023
Your stored food is only useful if you can cook it. Here, we’ll show you...
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