Marti’s Corner – 03
January 28, 2021
Hey Everyone!! NOTES: * I got to use my 72-hour kit!!! We had gone shooting...
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Marti’s Corner – 02
January 21, 2021
Hey Everyone!! NOTES: * If you don't have 2 weeks of food, PLEASE, do that...
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What To Expect with Biden as President
January 20, 2021
Outline New Lockdowns & Mask Mandates Firearm Regulations & Restrictions Age of the President Censorship...
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The Dollar’s Collapse this Year
January 17, 2021
Outline Hoarders & Movers How It Will Play Out Preparing For the Worst For our...
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How to Be the Anti-Gray Man
January 15, 2021
Outline Switching Between Gray Man & Anti-Gray Man Escape After Discovery Engaging the Threat: Agonistic...
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10 Tips to Survive A Great Depression
January 15, 2021
Outline Develop a Reusable Mentality Have Multiple Revenue Streams Never Credit, Less Cash, Trade Learn...
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Marti’s Corner – 01
January 14, 2021
Hi Everyone.  My name is Marti Shelley.  I’m so happy to be working with Kris...
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Inauguration Day Disasters: Are you Prepared?
January 12, 2021
Outline Crackdowns & Reactions Disruptions in the Systems What Are the Scenarios? Do You Have...
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How to Survive 30 Days After A Disaster
January 10, 2021
Outline Supply & Equip Yourself Physical Readiness Mental Preparedness Using Your 30-Days With the events...
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7 Ways to Convince Family & Friends to Prep
January 03, 2021
Outline Discuss the Probable Form a Bulk Buying Club Band Together Gift Them Preparedness Networking...
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