Marti’s Corner – 75
July 27, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: I’ve been working with an organization called VOAD.  It is a County...
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Marti’s Corner – 74
July 11, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: ***Evidently you can make your OWN Berkey water filters:  HOW TO MAKE...
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Marti’s Corner – 73
July 06, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: **  Have you ever heard about canning butter?  It's somewhat controversial and...
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Marti’s Corner – 72
June 29, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: *  So one of my summer goals was to learn to cook...
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Marti’s Corner – 71
June 23, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: ** Someone asked me about canning salsa.  I knew that you could...
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Marti’s Corner – 70
June 14, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: **  You should be familiar with the website:  Alert RivCo | Emergency...
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Comparing Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Aloe Vera
June 14, 2022
Longterm Preservation & Use of Aloe Vera The Egyptians Called Aloe the ‘Plant of Immortality.’...
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Marti’s Corner – 69
June 07, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: **  I saw a headline that said something to the effect that...
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Marti’s Corner – 68
June 02, 2022
Hi Everyone, It's time for another disclaimer.  I am NOT an "expert".  I have no...
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Marti’s Corner – 67
May 25, 2022
Hi Everyone, NOTES: *  Equipment for preserving food is not outrageously expensive.  If you want...
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