Marti’s Corner – 27
July 28, 2021
Hi Everyone, NOTES: I found another great website for my garden questions. Vegetable Garden Planner...
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Pemmican – Proven Ancient Survival Food – DIY
July 21, 2021
Indigenous people of North America, trappers, and early settlers all owe their lives to pemmican. ...
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Marti’s Corner – 26
July 21, 2021
Hi Everyone, NOTES: * I brought three green peppers into the house from the garden....
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Marti’s Corner – 25
July 15, 2021
Hi Everyone, NOTES: * Last year I posted about a remedy for bites: mosquito bites,...
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Sauerkraut – Lactobacillus Fermentation Introduction – DIY
July 14, 2021
When the natural action of various lactic acid bacterias have their way with any vegetable...
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Prepper’s Free PDF Library
July 07, 2021
"Knowledge is the key to survival. The real beauty of that is that it doesn't...
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Marti’s Corner – 24
July 06, 2021
Hi Everyone, NOTES: * There are a few organic gardeners that I try to follow...
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Nature’s Immunity Booster – Fermented Garlic Honey
July 04, 2021
“Garlic is divine. Few food items can taste so many distinct ways, handled correctly. Misuse...
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Marti’s Corner – 23
July 01, 2021
Hi Everyone, NOTES: * I tried to post a video last week that was taken...
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How to Make Tallow with Beef Fat
June 29, 2021
Before you could pick up a bottle of Vegetable, Sunflower, Olive oil, or even a...
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