Saturday , December 15 2018

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How to get physically fit


If there were a major catastrophe that hit your area, would you be able to handle the ensuing stress and physical demands? What can you begin to practically do now to prepare yourself physically should such an event occur? In ...

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5 things you need to know about an EMP


The threat of an EMP event or Electromagnetic Pulse attack has been brought before Congress as a very real threat to the United States electrical infrastructure. EMP’s have been referenced in movies like Ocean’s 11, the Matrix 2 and Broken ...

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What is a prepper … what is prepping?


In recent years there’s been a spike in this phenomenon that is called “prepping”. There’s even a T.V. show that ran for awhile named “Doomsday Preppers” showing various individuals who were prepping for a major catastrophe and had gone to ...

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5 Ways to Avoid Prepper Burnout


In prepping, there’s a lot to get done. At times, it can feel a bit overwhelming when you consider all the things that have yet to be done, the skills to be learned and all items to purchase. It can ...

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