Friday , January 18 2019

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Top 12 Free Apps for an Emergency


For many of us, our smartphones are a very important part of our daily life. We use them to communicate, keep in touch with our social network and to surf the web. But in the event of an emergency in ...

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The 3 Rules to Become a Gray Man


There may come a time when you or your family need to move unnoticed through a crowd potentially during a time of civil unrest in order to get to a bug out location or get home. Would you know how ...

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10 ways you’ll die if SHTF


If things go sideways in a really bad way and I’m talking about the kind of bad that a region or country doesn’t quickly or ever bounce back from, more than likely you and your family will die if you’re ...

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Is Urban Prepping Even Possible?


Is the term “Urban Survival” an oxymoron?  Can preppers really survive long-term in an urban or suburban environment after a catastrophe?  In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know in order to survive. The #1 comment I hear ...

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How to meet other preppers

If there’s a major catastrophe, apart from having your personal preps ready, how long do you think you can make it by yourself? In this article, we will discuss the topic of meeting and building with other preppers. It’s not ...

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10 easy steps to prevent home invasions

Your home is your castle.  Keeping it secure and your family safe should be a high priority. While many articles focus on how to handle a burglar once they have entered your home, we’ll instead focus on methods to reduce ...

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