Saturday , December 15 2018

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Top 12 prepper mistakes

Top 13 prepper mistakes

Whether you’re new to prepping or have been prepping for years, these are mistakes that could easily derail you from accomplishing your goals when getting ready for unforeseen events.

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How to build a Bug out Bag

City prepping bug out bag

If you have to head out of Dodge fast, having the right items thought out in advance is critical for survival.  Even more important, you need to have these supplies ready to leave on a moment’s notice without having to ...

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Gerber LMF II Survival Knife vs Ka-Bar Becker BK7

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of 2 amazing survival knives. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Coyote Brown Features: Lashing holes for use as spear Safety knife included Rugged, versatile survival tool Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon with fire retardant coating 2 ...

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The Top 5 Prepper Firearms


In our daily lives, we often take for granted the level of protection and security we enjoy that is provided by our local police. But what would happen if there was a break down in these services due to a ...

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4 basic first-aid skills every prepper needs


As a beginner prepper in an urban environment, getting our food and water supplies going first is an important first step. The next step is getting our medical preparations started. Medical and urban prepping In a disaster (or even in ...

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2 easy steps to start prepping


New to prepping and not sure where to start? So you’re giving serious consideration to prepping. You’ve thought about the possibility of what could happen if you and your family are not ready for an event that leaves you without ...

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