3 Skillet Cast Iron Cook Set W/Spoon Rest


The 3 Skillet Cast Iron Cook set contains the three most popular fry pan sizes and will fill the needs of most families or small groups. Cast iron skillets heat up evenly and are a joy to cook with. With regular use and proper care, they develop a nonstick surface and are more healthy than using aluminum or Teflon pans.

Our 3 Skillet Cook Set starts off with an 8″ fry pan which is perfect for making breakfast for two or a sauce for the main course.

Next is a 10 1/2″ Skillet. It is perfect for most everyday cooking and often the most used size of the three.

The 12″ Frypan completes the package and will do the big jobs like frying fish or chicken or making that big breakfast for everybody.

Also included are three quilted hot handle holders to protect you from burns to the hands,

This kit combined with our 2 Dutch oven Kitchen package makes a complete Survival Kitchen for 4-6 people, however, we do recommend you have a stainless steel pot for boiling drinking water.

Old Mountain Cast Iron Cookware is made from non-recycled iron ore and has a factory-applied vegetable oil pre-seasoning. It is a very good cast iron and extremely durable. It can be used directly in an open fire. This would warp the pans and burn the handles on modern cookware. Cast iron is certainly the way to go for long-term survival cookware. It combines excellent performance with, easy care and durability.

  • Brand: Minute_Man
  • SKU: CP-OldMountainSkills