4-Quart Dutch Oven – No Feet


The Old Mountain 4-Quart Dutch Oven is a perfect piece of cookware to use with your Minuteman Rocket Stove, however, you may also use it directly on the coals of an open fire. Although the Minuteman is capable of heating much larger Dutch ovens, most people do not need the additional capacity. When using it as a stew pot, the four-quart size will feed groups of 4-6 people. Why lug around a larger and heavier Dutch oven than you need? The 4-quart Dutch oven will also heat up quicker than the larger sizes so you will be eating sooner. Clean up is also easier because there is less to clean and it is easier to handle when washing.

When using it as an oven, the 4-quart Dutch oven will accommodate 8″ aluminum pie pans. It is perfect for making cornbread, biscuits, or your favorite cobbler. The lid of the Dutch oven has a raised ring that facilitates putting hot coals on top of the lid, therefore, delivering heat from both above and below for even heating.

The Old Mountain 4-quart Dutch oven is made from non-recycled cast iron and has a wonderful, baked-on seasoning applied at the factory. There is no need for further seasoning and it is ready to use right out of the box. Remember, never use soap when washing your cast iron cookware, just hot water and a brush or scrubber (copper Chore Boy). Soap will remove the seasoning. Don’t worry about sanitation, when the cast iron is heated to cooking temperatures it disinfects itself. Re-seasoning instructions are also included on the attached hangtag.

This is the most important and versatile piece of cookware to have in your survival Kitchen. Order yours today… Free Shipping (USA)

  • Brand: Minute_Man
  • SKU: CP-OldMountain4Qt