Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit

Save now with this kit! Boil water and cook food – at the same time! The traditional small size Kelly Kettle or also known as the Volcano Kettle used by Irish Fishermen for over 125 years. Ideal for Car Camping & Survival Kits, or fun family picnics.

This Kit contains:

  • ‘Trekker’ Kettle (20 fl. oz.) and fire-base.
  • Cook set – which includes: 16 fl. oz. Pot
  • Frying Pan (pot lid)
  • 2 Piece Grill – to be placed on the fire-base facilitating grilling over the coals or, simply to create a base for the Pot to sit on.
  • Gripper Handle.
  • Pot/Base Support – use to cook items over the chimney as the kettle boils, or use under the firebase to prevent ground scorch to lawns, decking or picnic tables.
  • Drawstring Storage Bag

All items are Stainless Steel and fit neatly within the kettle itself for transport/storage.
Total Kit Weight: 2.15 lb (excluding packaging)
The kettle only weighs 1.5lbs.

Please Note: The Hobo Stove, Cups & Plates are NOT INCLUDED in this Basic kit

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