Minuteman Bug Out Bag Pack

The Bug-Out Bag pack is the perfect fire starting kit to pack in a bug-out bag or vehicle bag.

The one-pound bag of premium, Central American fat wood contains enough Maya Sticks to light hundreds of fires if used sparingly. Use the edge of your knife and scrape the sticks to make Maya dust. The fluffy Maya dust will catch the shower of sparks emitted by Minuteman Fire Starters and catch fire… . Maya Sticks have approximately 80% resin content and burn like crazy. Slivers cut from Maya Sticks make the perfect secondary tinder. Add the slivers to burning Maya dust and continue to add small kindling until you have a healthy fire. The high temperatures achieved while burning fatwood help dry out wet wood and make starting a fire much easier, especially in wet weather.

The (2) Minuteman Fire Staters included in this pack each contain 8-10,000 strikes and are super sparky. They have 4″ rods that are long enough to be very easy to strike. The hardwood handles are very comfortable and easy to hold. These awesome strikers make a shower of sparks. You’ll be glad you have them, especially in wet weather.

  • Brand: Minute_Man
  • SKU: CP-BugOutBag

The Minuteman “Forever 50″ Fire Starter is the last ferrocerium rod fire starter you will ever need to buy. The 1/2” rod is rated at 100,000 uses and produces a shower of sparks when scraped with the attached scraper tool.

The sparks can be used to ignite a variety of commonly found natural and household materials to create a fire in any weather. Some of the most common materials used as initiators are dryer lint, cotton balls impregnated with Vaseline, charred cloth, fatwood shavings (found in dead pine tree stumps- Maya Sticks), magnesium shavings, shredded paper, etc. There are many more options both natural and found around the house.