Minuteman DELUXE Rocket Stove Kit

The Minuteman Deluxe Kit contains the core items needed for survival cooking and fire-starting plus saves you $45 off purchasing the items separately. It is a well thought out kit and an awesome deal!

  • Minuteman Rocket Stove. We designed this stove to fulfill the needs of the modern survivor and adventurer.  It is a proven design and provides the power to cook your meals and boil your water. It is a rugged stove and purpose made for extreme conditions.
  • “Forever 50”  Fire Starter (black). Its’ large size and a huge shower of sparks make lighting The Minuteman Stove and other fires as easy as it gets. It is very comfortable and just feels right.
  • (1) Medium Minuteman Fire Starter and (2) Small Minuteman Firestarters are also included…Keep one of the small starters in the stove and one in your bag. Remember…have back-ups for your back-ups.
  • (2) one-pound bags of Maya Sticks fire starter tinder

The Deluxe Kit is available in 4 different color combinations. The colors represent the cord colors used to make the fire starters. The Black and Dark option will always have black “Forever 50” and black Medium Fire Starters. Likewise, the Tactical option will always have camo and the brights will be assorted. For all options except black, the small strikers will be assorted and appropriate to the theme of the selection.

The Minuteman Deluxe Kit provides a strong backbone upon which to build your survival kitchen and fire-starting kits.  Our prepping philosophy is to be “Old School” the modern way. Have strong, good quality gear while also taking advantage of modern advancements. Rocket stoves and ferrocerium rods are big improvements over older alternatives. They are based upon proven technology and represent a distinct improvement in performance over the traditional methods.

You get:

  • Minuteman Rocket Stove
  • 2 Small Strikers
  • Medium Striker
  • Forever 50 Striker
  • 2 Bags of Maya Sticks
  • Free shipping throughout the United States (USA, Alaska, Hawaii, APO’s)
  • Brand: Minute_Man
  • SKU: CP-Minuteman-StoveDX-Pkg

The Minuteman Rocket Stove is one of the most compact, portable and efficient rocket stoves on the market today, making it perfect as a survival, camping, or expedition cook stove.

As a result of its rocket stove design and internal ceramic insulation, the Minuteman Stove reaches operating temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees. Even large cast-iron Dutch ovens, canners, and full-sized stew pots are no problem for the Minuteman. Its’ highly insulated construction allows for minimal heat loss and focuses the heat where it is needed…on the cookware. Due to the premium, ceramic refractory insulation that fills the space between the burn tube and the military ammo can chassis, the Minuteman can be safely used on a wood picnic table without damaging the wood. The extremely high, internal heat double burns the combustible gases and results in a smokeless flame. In a survival situation, this keeps others from detecting your location and advertising that you have food. When camping or tailgating, a smokeless fire will make you much more popular with the neighbors, and you do not go home smelling like you and your gear spent the weekend fighting a forest fire.

The Minuteman requires much less fuel (small sticks, pine cones, bramble, biomass) than the larger rocket stoves and uses less than 1/10th the wood required by an open cooking fire or wood-burning cook stove. The fuel is readily available in almost any environment and requires no saws or splitting to process. This results in a huge time and energy savings from collecting and processing firewood and affords sustainability. Most of us live in a city or suburb and do not have access to an adequate and sustainable supply of fuel if using traditional wood-burning cooking methods. The Minuteman solves this problem and is also fast to light and easy to use. Gather a handful of sticks and twigs, start your fire, and you will be cooking in less than five minutes.

The Minuteman is the only self-contained rocket stove on the market.