Minuteman Medium Fire Starter

Our medium-sized fire starter is constructed with a 3/8″ x 4″ Ferro rod that is rated for 35,000 uses. It has a 3 1/2 ” hardwood handle and sports a 3″ paracord tying and skull bead. A scraper tool is also attached. This is the perfect size Ferro rod for most uses. It is large enough to be easy to use yet still small enough to be put in a backpack or bug out bag. The performance is spectacular. Minutemen Fire Strikers feature premium ferrocerium rods and are the “sparkiest” on the market. You’ll be amazed by the shower of 3500-degree sparks they throw.

  • Brand: Minute_Man
  • SKU: CP-MedFireStarter

The Minuteman “Forever 50″ Fire Starter is the last ferrocerium rod fire starter you will ever need to buy. The 1/2” rod is rated at 100,000 uses and produces a shower of sparks when scraped with the attached scraper tool.

The sparks can be used to ignite a variety of commonly found natural and household materials to create a fire in any weather. Some of the most common materials used as initiators are dryer lint, cotton balls impregnated with Vaseline, charred cloth, fatwood shavings (found in dead pine tree stumps- Maya Sticks), magnesium shavings, shredded paper, etc. There are many more options both natural and found around the house.