Minuteman Rocket Stove

High heat, long burns, smokeless operation, and the easiest portable stove we have ever used at CityPrepping, the Minuteman Rocket Stove is a must-have in your bugout, camping, or recreational supplies.  Whether you're at the lake or you need to pack out your ashes from the backcountry, you will be glad that you have this little giant of a stove.  It's ready to use in a minute's notice. The Minuteman is the only self-contained rocket stove on the market. Once you are done cooking, dump out the coals, let it cool down (10 minutes), reattach the lid and the Minuteman is ready to travel.  The lid has a rubber seal. No smell or soot will get inside your vehicle. It travels and stores just like a clean ammo can and weighs 14 lbs...perfect for a vehicle survival kit or RV/car camping. You get:
  • Minuteman Rocket Stove
  • Small Minuteman Firestriker
  • 1 lb. bag Maya Sticks - 80% Resin Fatwood
  • Free shipping throughout the United States


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