Waterfull Barrel 30 Gallons

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Do you want to start preparing without announcing it to the world? Do you want to supplement your water stores with 30 gallons of clean drinking water, guaranteed to be fresh when disaster strikes? Do you want to seamlessly integrate water storage into your everyday life? Waterfull has an elegant answer to all those questions. The Waterfull Barrel holds the equivalent of 9 cases of bottled water and replenishes itself with each use. This means you won’t be drinking old, stale, and questionable water when disaster strikes.  The Barrel fills up in minutes as soon as it’s connected with the included hose and hardware. Once it’s filled and used regularly, you’ll be relieved as one major To-Do item is crossed off your emergency preparedness list. It weighs just 36 pounds when empty and measures 21″ W x 32″ H.


  • Brand: Waterfull_Barrel
  • SKU: 1930-002


• Capacity: 30 gallons
• Barrel dimensions (assembled): 27″ D X 21″ W X 32″ H
• Package dimensions: 21¾” D X 21¾” W x 32½” H
• Max water pressure: 30 PSI
• Barrel weight – Empty: 36 lbs.
• Barrel weight – Filled with water: 300 lbs.
• Base and lid weight: 13 lbs.
• Durable extra thick walls
• Seamless construction
• Designed for outdoor use



• Integrated Base and Lid
• 4′ Drinkable Connector Hose
• Pressure Reducer
• Pressure Relief Valve
• Brass Faucets
• Hose Connector

• Patented pressurized system
• Recirculates water with use
• Sealed to protect water from contaminants
• Fits typical garden faucets and hoses
• BPA-free
• Made with food grade plastic
• Built in UV Inhibitors